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sep 24, 2023
collaboration month 

This is your opportunity to invite friends (and/or family) to join you on stage in one of our favorite themes (in the past, this has been “Bring-a-Friend” or “Duets” month). Don’t limit yourself to just one friend. . .feel free to invite up to 5 friends to perform with you! If you need the house band to help, we’ll jump in and play along!

Need some help?

This is ALMOST like a Performer's Choice month (you can pick any song you'd like), except you have to have 1 - 5 other people (family or friends or both) join you on stage!


We've had all kinds of collaborations in the past, including a family of 3. . .one sister sang, one sister played keys, and the brother played percussion. If you need the house band to accompany you, just let us know on the sign-up sheet.

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