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Spotlight Performer - Maddie Schlismann

This month, we shine the spotlight on cellist Maddie Schlismann. Maddie is a frequent performer at The 815 and always delights audiences with her beautiful melodies and accompaniments.

Maddie became involved in The 815 about four years ago after asking Heather King to be her accompanist for cello in 5th grade. Heather quickly recognized Maddie's talent and invited her to perform as a musician with The 815. Maddie has been a favorite on The 815 stage ever since!

Here is Maddie as part of a lovely collaboration of "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman. Debuting last May, this performance is one of the most viewed in The 815 history, thanks in part to the beautiful contribution from Maddie, along with violinist Danny Singh and vocalist Natalie Mattson.

Maddie is a memeber of the JTHS Symphony Orchestra as well as the ILMEA Orchestra and the Joliet All City Orchestra.

In addition to playing the cello, Maddie also studies piano, wrestles, runs cross country, and plays soccer. She is truly a well-rounded young artist and a joy to watch perform!

The 815 in Maddie's own words...

The thing I love most about the 815 is that it's a really cool opportunity to get up and perform in different environments and just have fun doing so at the same time.

Thank you, Maddie, for your wonderful contributions to The 815. We cannot wait until we can see and hear you again on our live stage!

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