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Performer Spotlight - The Eighth Notes

Photo Credits: Carm Mattson

If you are a regular of The 815, you have no doubt had the pleasure of hearing The Eighth Notes live. This group of exceptionally talented high school students consistently wows the crowds with their vocal harmonies and engaging a cappella style. This month, we highlight Olivia Kuncis, Eliza Mattson, Natalie Mattson, Amelia Kuncis, Trevor Shingler, Olivia Minogue, and Logan Nommensen - the voices that make up this fantastically fun group.

L to R - Logan, Olivia K., Olivia M., Natalie, Eliza, Amelia, Trevor

The Eighth Notes have graced The 815 Stage for over two years. However, these student musicians have known one another for much longer. Many of the group members previously sang together in the Homer Junior Choir, StagePlay Musical Theater, and the Lockport-Homer Youth Theater.

The members of The Eighth Notes are all actively involved in their school communities and are each accomplished musicians. It is no surprise that together, their voices combine to create such beautiful harmonies.

Trevor - Trevor has been involved with musical theater since the fourth grade. This year, he was invited to participate in the Allstate production of In the Heights. Additionally, he is involved in multiple extracurricular activities at Lockport Township High School, including A Capella Choir, Off The Record, Group Interpretation, Orchesis, and the Madrigal Choir.

Olivia M. - Having performed in over 40 productions with StagePlay, Lockport-Home Youth Theater, and Little Mountain Community Theater, Olivia is a natural on the stage. Her favorite role was that of Ursula in The Little Mermaid. Olivia is also one of the original performers on The 815 stage. She has studied voice for over 5 years under Valerie Giuliani. She is involved in the LTHS Drama Club, Off the Record, 2018 Madrigal Court, and Chamber Chorus. Olivia has also been selected for the ILMEA District 1 Choir.

Olivia K. - Outside of The Eighth Notes, Olivia is involved in A Capella Choir, Madrigal Choir, ILMEA District Choir, Bel Canto Choir, the Grace Notes, Trouveres, Chamber Choir and Drama Club. Olivia's favorite musical role has been playing Cinderella from Into the Woods.

Amelia - In addition to performing with The Eighth Notes, Amelia is actively involved with the performing arts community at Lockport Township High School. She is a part of the Concert Choir, Grace Notes, Minstrel Choir, and Drama Club.

Eliza - Eliza is also multi-talented. She studies the piano and also has a musical theater background. Like other Eighth Notes members, she has performed with Lockport-Homer Youth Theater. Eliza is also on the Lockport Varsity Dance Team.

Logan - Logan is involved with the A Capella Choir and the Madrigal Choir at Lockport High School. He is also a member of the Marching Band and the principal horn in the LTHS Wind Symphony. Logan is also a member of the Naperville Youth Symphony Orchestra and has performed in the Junior ILMEA Distict II Jazz Ensemble and the District I Choir. He plays french horn, piano, mellophone and guitar.

Natalie - Natalie has studied dance, piano, voice, and ukulele and is no stranger to the stage. Her musical theater credits include community theater, LTHS Drama Club as a performer and student director, LTHS Thespians, and most recently, she played the role of Carla in the Illinois High School Theater Festival's All-State production of In the Heights. Additionally, Natalie is a part of the A Capella group Off the Record and has made District Choir and All-State Honors Choir. She is an accomplished pianist with state and national awards.

In addition to appearing on The 815 stage, The Eighth Notes have also performed throughout the community. The group has performed for the Easter Seals Telethon, the World War II Days, and the Lockport Canal Days. Currently, members are actively involved in the Lockport Drama Club, elite choirs, and ILMEA District Ensembles.

In January 2019, Eight Notes members Olivia Kuncis, Natalie Mattson, Olivia Minogue, Trevor Shingler, and Logan Nommensen performed with Lockport Township High School's Chamber Choir at the Illinois Music Educator's Conference. The group was one of only four ensembles in the state invited to perform. In addition, Natalie participated in the All-State Honors Choir. The musical selections in the video are titled Heia Viri, Stars, Sure on this Shining Night, Please Stay, Will the Circle Be Unbroken (featuring the Olivias), and the world premier performance of O Saluaris.

In our Own Words - Why We Love The 815...

"I like how it gives freedom and opportunity to young performers who might not have another way to show their talents in front of their peers." - Natalie

"I love how everyone has the chance to show their talent in such a welcoming environment and can develop a love for music and performing." - Logan

"I love how The 815 gives many kids an opportunity to perform and raise their confidence about performing in front of people." - Eliza

"I love being able to have a space to share our music with others who enjoy music." - Amelia

"I love being able to watch performers who I have been in shows with years ago. It's amazing to see how much they have grown." - Olivia K.

"We generally aren't nervous and have a fun time while we're there. It's a good place for us to hang out and also share our talents." - Olivia M.

"What I love most about The 815 is the supportive atmosphere. No matter if you forget the words or mess up somehow, everyone watching is just enjoying your performance." - Trevor

Follow The Eighth Notes on Instagram at @theeighthnotes and catch them live on stage at The 815! They will return in March for the One Hit Wonders show. We can't wait!

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