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Performer Spotlight - Katie bavirsha

Katie Bavirsha is no stranger to the stage. Having performed in over 50 musical theater productions, Katie is always a joy to watch. We have loved witnessing her growth as a performer over the last 3 years and are delighted to feature her here this month.

Katie first heard about The 815 through Monica Minogue, one of the coordinators of the youth performance program. Monica was Katie's musical theater director and she encouraged Katie to come and check out The 815. Katie started in Aug 2017 and has been performing and delighting audiences ever since!

Katie has been involved in choir at school since the 4th grade and sings with her church band on Sunday mornings. Katie takes vocal lessons and her primary instrument is her voice. However, that doesn’t mean that on Friday nights you won’t catch her plucking out chords on her guitar.

Besides singing, Katie really loves musical theater and drama. Since she was seven years old, she has been performing in musicals. She has been in many productions with Stageplay Musical Theater for Kids and has also performed with other companies from the Lockport/ Homer area to Joliet. This summer, Katie marked an amazing milestone; she performed in her 50th (!!!) musical, Footloose, with the Joliet Drama Guild. She also did two productions of Frozen Jr this summer - one with Lockport Homer Youth Theater and another with Curtain Call Theater.

Why Katie loves The 815:

The thing I love most about the 815 is it gives so many other kids and I an opportunity to perform on a monthly basis and share ideas and talents alike. Everyone there is so utterly supportive since all they want is the best for their kids and it’s such a enjoyable environment to be in. There are so many friends I have either made or come closer to than I ever had before at the 815. It is such a special and fun place that I can share my passion with the community.

Katie, thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and your love of musical theater with us! We will continue to look forward to seeing you light up our stage.

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