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Feb 18, 2024
Tempo Turnaround!

Where ballads become uptempo, uptempo tracks get slowed to a crawl, and midtempo ditties are forced to choose a side in the ongoing war of beats per minute! Anyone who’s grooved to Mariah Carey’s sensational extended dance remix of ‘Fantasy’ can pre-approve this message.

Need some help choosing your song? 

Not sure what the word "tempo" even means? That's OK. . .tempo means the speed of the music. We'd like you to find two versions of the song you'd like to do: the first will be the original version, and the second is a cover of the original that's in a different tempo. You'll perform the cover version.

Still not sure what we're talking about? Here are some examples:

Still stumped?

Go to these links to find bands and cover artists who might have something you like:

Or. . .type the name of a song you like into YouTube followed by the words "slow cover version" if it's a fast song or "fast cover version" if it's a slow song.

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